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Captain Tsubasa: World Youth Manga by Yoichi Takahashi

Captain Tsubasa: World Youth Manga% Shounen, Sports
18 Volumes, 64 Chapters, 3494 Pages
Scans by: Shinji
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Series Brief Review
Tsubasa and his teammates want to win the World Youth, the under-20 world cup. They discover new talented teammates, but also new rivals in Asia and in the rest of the world, and this time, Brazil will be here...

Volumes:   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Volume 1. Oozora Tsubasa, I'm Alright!

  1. Aoi Shingo's Appearance!
  2. At The Door of Inter
  3. Time of Trial
  4. Full Throttle Shingo
  5. Prologue and Beginning
  6. Oozora Tsubasa, I'm Alright!

Volume 2. The Child Of God, Santana

  1. Child of God, Santana
  2. Santana Starts!

Volume 3. Aiming For Glory

  1. From Bara to Santana
  2. Aiming for Glory
  3. Hino Ryoma's Appearance!!
  4. The Young Noble Returns Alive, The Insurrection of the Young Lion
  5. The Pride of a Man
  6. RJ7's Entry

Volume 4. Start Facing The Dream!!

  1. Furious Offense and Defense
  2. Build the Best Team of the World!
  3. The Fierce Tiger's Departure
  4. In Sao Paulo
  5. Start Facing the Dream!!

Volume 5. Fight With Your Heart!!

  1. Fight with Your Heart
  2. Overturn the Speculations
  3. Tsubasa vs Bunnark
  4. Send it to Tsubasa!!

Volume 6. The Laurels Are Above You!

  1. SGGK!! - Super Great Goal Keeper
  2. Clash Between Willpower and Willpower
  3. The Laurels are Above You!

Volume 7. Soldiers Who Grow Up

  1. Get a New Special Shoot
  2. The Completion of the New Special Shoot!!
  3. Soldiers Who Grow Up
  4. The Force of the Ship+Named Real Japan!!

Volume 8. The Sight Of The Raiju Shoot!!

  1. Those Who We Can Rely On
  2. The Genius Owairan
  3. The Sight of the Raiju Shoot

Volume 9. Moment Of Victory!!

  1. Moment of Victory!!
  2. Decisive Battle!

Volume 10. The Light Inside The Predicament!

  1. China Youth's Counterattack!
  2. The Light Inside the Predicament!

Volume 11. Door To The Dream!!

  1. Moment of Victory and Miracle
  2. The Man Who Comes Back
  3. The Conclusion of the Goal Keeper Wakashimazu!
  4. The Start of the Newborn All Japan!!
  5. The Door Towards the Dream!!
  6. Glory And
  7. The New Barrier

Volume 12. The Field Of Dreams!!

  1. The Field of Dreams
  2. The Soldiers' Decision
  3. The Oath to Misaki
  4. The Reason of the Tears
  5. Reunion With Old Ennemies!
  6. Prologue To The Fierce Fight!!

Volume 13. The Entrusted Ball!!

  1. On The Field...!!
  2. The Entrusted Ball!!

Volume 14. Proof Of Progress!!

  1. Because I Like It...!!
  2. Proof Of Progress!!

Volume 15. Advancing To The Final Tournament!

  1. Advancing To The Final Tournament!
  2. Only One Wing!
  3. The True Colors Of The Sweden Team!

Volume 16

  1. Successive Attacks Of The Midnight Sun!
  2. The New Fearful Strategy!
  3. The Imaginary Shoot

Volume 17

  1. Betting For The Place Of Best In The World!
  2. Betting For The Place Of Best In The World! (Part 2)

Volume 18

  1. V Goal !!
  2. Epilogue. Everyone's Future

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