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Beloved Teddy Boy Manga by Yoko Kamura

Beloved Teddy Boy Manga% aka: Boy-Girl, Chisana Koro Kana, Koisuru Teddy Boy
Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shoujo
1 Volumes, 6 Chapters, 200 Pages
Scans by: Da Gurlz Translationz
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Series Brief Review
Contains three stories.

Story 01. Beloved Teddy Bear: Short, naive, teddy-loving Yasushii believed that Igarashi Yuu's death was partly her fault. So when the ghost of Yuu takes a visit and decides to live as her beloved teddy bear, her life changes drastically. What will happen from there?

Story 02. Boy-Girl.
Sakura is often mistaken as a guy, because she doesn't usually wear the Girls' uniform at her school, being confessed to by other girls. Fujiki says that he admires her, assuming she's a guy.

Story 03. Chisana Koro Kana.
Tomoe is always referred to as Akirou's younger sister, and has become jealous of his outgoing and cheerful ways. Will they be able to reconcile?

Volume 1

  1. Story 01. Beloved Teddy Bear (Part 1)
  2. Story 01. Beloved Teddy Bear (Part 2)
  3. Story 01. Beloved Teddy Bear (Part 3)
  4. Story 02. Boy-Girl
  5. Story 03. Chisana Koro Kana
  6. Omake

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