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Belmondo le VisiteuR Manga by Shouei Ishioka

Belmondo le VisiteuR Manga% Action, Comedy, Historical, Shounen, Supernatural
3 Volumes, 19 Chapters, 427 Pages
Scans by: Boredom, Boobgroppers, Lavos, Cowbouy1, Aladar
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Series Brief Review
The story takes places in 17th century, France. Belmondo, a son of a noble father and a deceased witch mother, was born and raised in a cloister's basement. He is the master of an underground prison and has the rights to use any means to bring out confessions from his prisoners, namely by using "torture". With his eye, he is able to see through them... That is, if they do not comply to his questions.

[Note : the name 'Belmondo' is taken from a very famous French actor, Jean-Paul Belmondo]

Volumes:   1 2 3

Volume 1

  1. The First Act. The Man Who Lurks Underground
  2. The Second Act
  3. The Third Act. The Man With The Foul Mouth
  4. The 4th Act. Surprise Assault
  5. The 5th Act. The Neat Freak
  6. The 6th Act. The Twins

Volume 2

  1. The 7th Act. The Men with a Choice
  2. The 8th Act. The Enormous Man
  3. The 9th Act. The Man with The Leaf
  4. The 10th Act. The Masked Man
  5. The 11th Act. Those Who Begin to Act
  6. The 12th Act. The Ocher Cross
  7. The 13th Act. The Witches of Seven Days

Volume 3

  1. The 14th Act. The Man on a Mission
  2. The 15th Act. Leader of the Faction
  3. The 16th Act. The Dejected Athos
  4. The 17th Act. Samedi
  5. The 18th Act. To Shijem Serpa
  6. The Final Act. That Night, Beneath The Moonlight

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