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Bathroom Guuwa Story Manga by Mari Okazaki

Bathroom Guuwa Story Manga% Drama, Fantasy, Josei, Romance, Slice of Life
1 Volumes, 4 Chapters, 227 Pages
Scans by: SMM
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Series Brief Review
In this oneshot comprise of 4 dreamlike short stories, Mari Okazaki alters the appearances to infinity like in a Hall of Mirrors in an amusement park. The divided story blossoms to compose a medley of surreal characters. The virtuoso stroke is like the thread that wease an exquisite lace of memories, reconstructing tenderly the ghost of a loved man...Bathroom Guuwa is an invite to a charming journey on the fragile wherry of the feminine soul.

Volume 1

  1. 1996's Summer Holidays
  2. Bathroom Allegorical Tale (Bathroom Guuwa)
  3. Summer's Fairy Tale
  4. Pierrot Or The Thounderous Applause

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