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Baka to Gogh Manga by Shinkichi Katou

Baka to Gogh Manga% aka: Baka & Gogh, The Idiots & Gogh
Comedy, Drama, Romance, Seinen
2 Volumes, 16 Chapters, 512 Pages
Scans by: Mangascreener, Hox, HappyScans!
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Series Brief Review
Sakai and Shoji are two idiots. Their band, Moozmuz, is eccentric, flamboyant and silly. Gogh, their classmate, is a quiet but intense clothes designer. Watch the friendship between these three artists blossom and suffer, rendered in Shinkichi Kato's vibrant, lively art. The two volumes also contain a pair of one-shots each.

Volumes:   1 2

Volume 1

  1. The Idiots & Gogh
  2. T-Shirts That Smell Like Good Roast
  3. Chic Thoughts on Impatience
  4. The Idiots Could Not Sit By And Watch
  5. Grotto Romance
  6. Buds Open Gently
  7. Another Story Part 1 - Isamu's Diary
  8. Another Story Part 2 - My MHz

Volume 2

  1. Love Is Unsteady
  2. The Idiot Tribune
  3. Rain Spares No Consideration
  4. Ruthless Reunion
  5. Monkey And Gogh
  6. The Idiots And The Woman
  7. Another Story 1. L&P (Love And Parapara)
  8. Another Story 2. Laughing In The Night

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