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Bad Company Manga by Fujisawa Tohru

Bad Company Manga% Action, Shounen
1 Volumes, 10 Chapters, 250 Pages
Scans by: Paizuri
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Series Brief Review
Before Eikichi Onizuka became a legend, before Onibaku, before he became GTO, he was just a normal junior high school delinquent. Getting into fights with his seniors, trying to pick up girls and just hanging out with his friends. Bad Company is a compilation of many short stories, linked together with the characters of Eikichi, Ryuji and their school buds. Such stories involve the origins of Eikichi`s bike, which we see frequently in GTO, the first meeting with the Midnight Angel and many other.

Volume 1

  1. Bad Company Chapter 1
  2. Bad Company Chapter 2
  3. Bad Company Chapter 3
  4. Bad Company Chapter 4
  5. Bad Company 2 Chapter 1
  6. Bad Company 2 Chapter 2
  7. Bad Company 2 Chapter 3
  8. Bad Company 2 Chapter 4
  9. Bad Company 2 Chapter 5
  10. Bad Company 2 Chapter 6

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