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Baby, Star Manga by Kanoko Sakurakouji

Baby, Star Manga% Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shoujo
1 Volumes, 4 Chapters, 185 Pages
Scans by: Esthetique
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Series Brief Review
A collection of oneshots.

1) Baby Star
Yamato, a dorky-looking guy who is Xiao Zi's boyfriend, becomes a popular idol after being asked to be a model. How will their relationship change?

2) English Garden
Jiao Ren is leaving the country in one month, so he asks Shi Xu to be his girlfriend until then.

3) Romantic Vacation
Xiao Zhou is going on her first vacation with her boyfriend Xiao Yang.

4) Love's Sign
Xiao Quan is told by a fortune teller that she will meet her Prince Charming soon, so she gets her classmate, Tong Ko, to help find him.

Volume 1

  1. Baby Star
  2. English Garden
  3. Romantic Vacation
  4. Love's Sign

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