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Ar Tonelico II Manga by Ayamegumu

Ar Tonelico II Manga% Fantasy, Shounen
3 Volumes, 14 Chapters, 558 Pages
Scans by: A Reyvateil's Melody
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Series Brief Review
The region of Metafalss surrounds the second Tower of Ar tonelico, which is said to represent the Goddess Frelia of the Trio of Elemia. Reyvateil in this region have been succumbing to a raging Reyvateil-exclusive epidemic called the Infel Pira Dependency (I.P.D.). Croix, a Knight under the Grand Bell Church of Pastalia, is sent to find the source of the problem and contain the epidemic. There is more transpiring in this region than just the epidemic, however, and one mission will throw him into an adventure to unravel the mysteries of the planet Ar Ciel and seek out a legend handed down by the people of Metafalss: the lost Hymn of Metafalica.

Volumes:   1 2 3

Volume 1

  1. Bond 1. The Pledge
  2. Bond 2. Actualizing
  3. Bond 3. Conflict
  4. Bond 4. Trauma
  5. Bond 5. Inevitability

Volume 2

  1. Bond 6. Disappointment
  2. Bond 7. Rumbling
  3. Bond 8. Loss
  4. Bond 9. Profundity

Volume 3

  1. Bond 10. Faint Hope
  2. Bond 11. Contradictory Mind
  3. Bond 12. Resonance
  4. Bond 13. The New Pledge
  5. Extra Story

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