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Amaenaideyo!! MS Manga by Bohemian-K, Toshinori Sogabe

Amaenaideyo!! MS Manga% Comedy, Harem, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural
6 Volumes, 30 Chapters, 1031 Pages
Scans by: Hidoi~! Translators
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Series Brief Review
Ikko's finally home after a long trip at a training temple and everybody is glad to see him. But this sequel has a big twist. Since Jotoku is gone, Sakura is in charge now, and Kazuki has moved in with Ikko and the rest of the girls at the Saienji Temple! Will Ikko ever survive this kind of life? Follow the unnormal life as a monk in this Ecchi, harem comedy manga sequel of the popular Seinen manga from Japan, Amaenaideyo! It'll make you nosebleed and laugh at the same time.

Volumes:   1 2 3 4 5 6

Volume 1

  1. The Secret Training Is As Sweet As Honey!?
  2. The Seventh Maiden
  3. An Ad's Story of Struggle
  4. Amaritama Anahilation!?
  5. Like Water Flowing in a River

Volume 2

  1. If A Nun Would Sing...
  2. The First" Returns!!"
  3. Boot Camp!?
  4. Drunk Master
  5. Shitei Hassho

Volume 3

  1. A Versatile Woman
  2. What It Takes To Control The Path Of Humanity""
  3. The Variety Of Discoveries In 100 Temples!?
  4. Futsubatsu Squadron: Ama Rangers-!?
  5. The Resolution To Have Power

Volume 4

  1. A Sparkling College Life
  2. Saienji's Computer Evolution Plan (^o^) -
  3. Twilight Of Enlightenment (Part 1)
  4. Twilight Of Enlightenment (Part 2)
  5. Twilight Of Enlightenment (Part 3)

Volume 5

  1. Twilight Of Enlightenment (Part 4)
  2. Suki-Suki-Sukiyaki!
  3. Amanogawa Crisis No.1
  4. Amanogawa Crisis No.2
  5. Dark Red Grave Stone

Volume 6

  1. The Black Flames
  2. The Tower Of Maraka
  3. All Worldly Desires Are Transitory
  4. Humanity
  5. You Damn Perverted Monk!!

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