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Addicted To Curry Manga by Funatsu Kazuki

Addicted To Curry Manga% aka: Karei naru Shokutaku, Curry naru Shokutaku
Comedy, Cooking, Drama, Ecchi, Seinen
12 Volumes, 126 Chapters, 2641 Pages
Scans by: YAnime, Solaris-SVU, Trinity BAKumA, For The Halibut, Sunrise Scans...
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Series Brief Review
Sonezaki Yui is in a quandary. Her family's curry shop, Ganesha, was failing for lack of customers, and now her father has disappeared, ostensibly on a quest to learn more about curry. With his absence, the shop is sure to fail. Then she comes across a drifter, Koenji Makito, who turns out to be an old acquaintance of her father. Makito persuades Yui to keep the store open, and proves to her that his skill at making curry is worth her trust. But powerful enemies lurk, waiting for a chance to destroy Ganesha.

Volumes:   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Volume 1

  1. Angel Of Mine And Ground Beef Curry
  2. The First Step for a Comeback and Pumpkin Curry
  3. Big Fat Chick and Healthy Curry
  4. Crappy Cookers and a Beautiful Hidden Taste
  5. An Elegant Thread-binding and Curry Ramen
  6. The Shadow Rising and Baka Yam Curry
  7. A Sudden Rival, and The Curry Shop: India
  8. A Declaration with Pride and the Phony Curry
  9. The Wounded Beast and the True Meaning of Curry
  10. The Magnificient Intruder and the Glorious Curry Chicken

Volume 2

  1. Recalling Memories and the Kye-N Somu
  2. A Not Quite Graceful Stalker and the Sogu Morgue
  3. The Female Teacher and the Prwan Curry
  4. Kidnapped for a Reason and the Garbage Curry
  5. A Strict Shop Owner and the New Curry for the Menu
  6. The Disappeared Man and the Mysterious Chicken Curry
  7. Makito's Past and the Chicken Curry of the Old Days
  8. The Graceful Newcomer and the Rassi
  9. A Girl That's a Little Unforgettable and the Yam Ball Curry
  10. A Loyalty Sworn to the Organization and an Angered Chef
  11. The Waivering Heart and the Psychopath

Volume 3

  1. The Shop Burning Down and the Fading Life
  2. A Firey Challenge and the Prelude to Battle
  3. Each Person's Memories, and the Curry-don
  4. The Believing Soul and the Amends
  5. The Arrival of the 3rd Man and the Daikon Curry
  6. The Horror Near the Door and Meat-Yam Curry
  7. The Tragic Fracture and the Beautiful Bond
  8. The Strongest Tag-Team and the Message to Nara
  9. The Worst Possible Man and the Best Possible Oriental Curry
  10. The Mysterious Cooking Knife and Curry Battle of the Past

Volume 4

  1. The Start of the Match and Being On Time
  2. Ganesha and Suiren Restaurant Match
  3. Strong Allies and Hints to the Answer
  4. Tea Curry and Scallion Curry
  5. The Ambitious Man and the Secret of Scallion Curry
  6. Proof of Faith and the Parting of Friends
  7. Currymobile and Sambal Spicy Egg
  8. Currymobile and Chai
  9. The Shy Female Cop and the Indian Red Curry
  10. Super Fancy Rival and Shahi Tukle
  11. The Lost Child and Pea Curry

Volume 5

  1. Yui's Moody Panic
  2. The Heart Connecting the Scent of Flowers with Chiken Curry
  3. The Qualification of a Cook and Mukai-kun's Beliefs
  4. The Appel of Onion and Beef Curry
  5. The Magnificent Couple and Their Complicated Love
  6. The Talented Genius and the Delicious French Cuisine
  7. The Separable and the Inseperable People
  8. Makino's Big Discount and the Badami Chicken
  9. The Young Girl's Appeal and the Previous Cooking Competition
  10. The Chance Meeting with a Genius and the Failure in the Past
  11. Chapter 11

Volume 6

  1. The Promised Rematch and Kisu au Curry
  2. Sakaki's Pride and 3 People's Determination
  3. A Splendid Interruption and Thali Bentos
  4. Anguish in the Rain and a Genius Advancement
  5. Keigo's Gamble and a Race Against Time
  6. A Happy Defeat and European-Style Beef Curry
  7. Short Farewell and Salted Pork Curry
  8. 61: The Curry House with The Elephant Sign, and Potato Chicken Curry
  9. 62: Two Is One, And Seafood Curry
  10. 63: A Moment Of Failure And Curry Bread

Volume 7

  1. 64: Curry Addiction Rehab Center
  2. 65: A Delicious Present And A Bite-Sized Surprise
  3. 66: Makito's Secret And Mutton Curry
  4. 67: A Foreigner's Distress And Makai Ghost
  5. 68: The Man Who Crossed The Ocean And Hainanese Chicken Rice
  6. 69: Sulking Makito And Ryan's Blunder
  7. 70: Chinese Cuisine In A Curry House And Chicken Curry
  8. 71: The Two Who Are Drifting Apart And Curry Fried Noodles
  9. 72: The Broken Triangle And Lone Avenger
  10. 73: Gears Of Sadness And Curry Hui Guo Rou
  11. 74: A Clear Confession And Tokyo Tower Of Love

Volume 8

  1. 75: Endless Self-Questioning And The Fist Of Anger
  2. 76: People To Believe In And Boiled Miso Maskerel
  3. 77: The Fiery Man And The Chinese Curry Showdown
  4. 78: Elegant Gutting And One Single Word Across The Ocean
  5. 79: Pouring In The Feelings And Curry Fried Crab
  6. 80: The Nyonya Makito And Sambal Ikan
  7. 81: A Kind Word And Many Questions
  8. 82: Happiness In Singapore And Dal Maharani
  9. 83: The Hope Left Behind And The Day He Became Determined
  10. 84: The Last Lesson And Kai Phenang
  11. 85: Yuil's Sinderity And Stomach Herbal Medicine

Volume 9

  1. 86: Wonderful Curry Research And Mild Chicken Curry
  2. 87: Being Myself And Extra Special Beef Curry
  3. 88:
  4. 89: The Sun, Treacherous Sea And Sorpotel
  5. 90: Lost At Sea And The First Curry
  6. 91: The Pursuit Of Imagination And The Vindaloo
  7. 92: The Hardworking Father And The Beta Sabzi
  8. 93: Bittersweet Return Of The Father And Rendang
  9. 94: The Last Request And The Never Ending Wish
  10. 95: Men Burning With Passion And The Delectable Banquet
  11. 96: The Closing Of Ganesha And a Favor Returned

Volume 10

  1. 97: The Tearful Parting And The Promised Keema Matar
  2. 97.5:
  3. 98: The Fated Meeting In Osaka And The Different Tasting Katsu Curry
  4. 99: The Entrusted Staff Lunch And The Khanom Chin
  5. 100: The Old Man That Likes To Drink And The Two Curries
  6. 101: the 200th Man And The Fallen Curry
  7. 102: Makito's Substitute Dish And The Oyster Curry
  8. 103: Hime The Seductress And Nanase's Crash Course On Spices
  9. 104: The Tongue Of A Crazy Man And The Spice Wars
  10. 105: Edible Fight And The Two Number 1 Men

Volume 11

  1. 106: Studying Through Curry! And Homok
  2. 107: Blunt Daughter, Her Unpredictable Father, And The Cream Soup Curry
  3. 108: The Fighting Girl's Victory Pledge And Summer Vegetable Curry
  4. 109: A Head-on First Round And The Vegetarian Curry
  5. 110: A Glimpse Of The Legend And The Bloodcurdling Curry
  6. 111: The Happenings At Ganesha And The Great Summer Vacantion Adventure
  7. 112: The Reliable Diner Lady And The Search In Osaka
  8. 113: The People Of Yuyuken And The Far Off Hanayasiki
  9. 114: Memories Of Pineapples And An Unbearable Lonely Night
  10. 115: A Steamy Evening At Hanayasiki And Nanas Lemak

Volume 12

  1. 116: Nothing But Girls, Second Round, And The Return Of The Crepes Of Love
  2. 117: Conger Eel, Grappling, And Maki Tandoori
  3. 118: Yagisawa An's House Call And The World Of Conger Eel Curry
  4. 119: The Artisan Family And The Lovely Sight Before The Kettle
  5. 120: Mikado's Great Explosion And Cruel Reality
  6. 121: The Broken Knife And The Curry Intruder
  7. 122: Makito Wakes Up And Jellied Broth Style Conger Eel Curry
  8. 123: A Miraculous Ues Of Eel And Eel Flower Curry Bowl
  9. 124: Yui's Smile And The GazeOf Three
  10. 125: The Dangerous Curry Party And South Indian Shrimp Curry

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