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A Spirit Of The Sun Manga by Kaiji Kawaguchi

A Spirit Of The Sun Manga% aka: Taiyou no Mokishiroku, Apocalypse of the Sun
Drama, Seinen, Tragedy
3 Volumes, 22 Chapters, 628 Pages
Scans by: MangaScreener
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Series Brief Review
In the early years of the 21st century, a series of massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have struck Japan. The worst possible scenario has occurred, and Japan is a devastated country, split in two down the middle. Tens of millions are dead, the economy is in shambles, and what is left is under occupation by "aid forces" from the U.S. and China. In the midst of this, Genichiro Ryu, an extraordinarily resourceful boy, manages to survive and spread his own brand of indefatigable optimism: "Above the clouds and ash, the sun still shines and the sky is still blue."

Volumes:   1 2 3

Volume 1. The Most Important Thing

  1. The Most Important Thing
  2. Under the Inferno
  3. Light and Darkness
  4. Crevice
  5. A Rift in the Islands
  6. Channel
  7. Hope

Volume 2. Taiwan Refugee Camp

  1. Taiwan Refugee Camp
  2. Mother and Child
  3. Zhang and Xian
  4. A Bloody Tragedy
  5. Expatriates
  6. Xian and Yu
  7. Fuse
  8. The Land of Chance Meetings

Volume 3. Declaration of War

  1. Flame of the Heart
  2. Enormous Will
  3. President of Taiwan, Cai Qing-ling
  4. Breach
  5. An Endless Path
  6. Memories of Flame
  7. Declaration of War

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