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99 Happy Soul Manga by Kenji Ooiwa

99 Happy Soul Manga% aka: Tsukumo Happy Soul
Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Shounen
1 Volumes, 4 Chapters, 177 Pages
Scans by: TJO
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Series Brief Review
There were 99 beasts were set on the world that did chaos. They were sealed within "vessels" and they choose their own "masters". Three girls found a vessel and one of them made an all-girl school. Yukiji Shinazuki goes there as a freshman. Tamakichi Shinazuki lives with her and causes chaos all around Yukiji...even at the all-girls school! What's even more surprising about Tamakichi it and you will find out!

Volume 1

  1. Tamago Aggresive
  2. Hiyoko Bazooka
  3. Tebasaki Kick
  4. Niwatori Aventure

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