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090 Eko To Issho Manga by Asakura Maru

090 Eko To Issho Manga% Comedy, Romance, Shounen, School Life
4 Volumes, 61 Chapters, 698 Pages
Scans by: SCX-Scans, Sushibar Manga, Shiraku, BLAH, MangaWareHouse
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Series Brief Review
Hiroshi found a broken cellphone on the street and went to a shop to get it fixed. When it got delivered to his home, he got a life-sized girl instead but it is still a cellphone. Hiroshi only wants a normal cellphone that he can brag to his classmates but he can't return this one because of the expensive return fee written in the purchase contract. This is how Hiroshi discovers the advantages and disadvantages in life of owning a cellphone-girl, which he named Eko.

Volumes:   1 2 3 4

Volume 1

  1. 1st Call - I Bought a Cell Phone
  2. 2nd Call - Should Be Picky About Design
  3. 3rd Call - Want to Carry Around a Phone and Be Carried
  4. 4th Call - Warning About Sending and Receiving Messages
  5. 5th Call - If You Get a Phone Brag to Your Friends
  6. 6th Call - Let's Pick a Ringtone
  7. 7th Call - Let's Send a Call to Eko
  8. 8th Call - Payment Swindler Prevention
  9. 9th Call - More People are Entering the Phone Picture Contest
  10. 10th Call - Let's Try to Make My Phone Not Too Popular
  11. 11th Call - If Your Phone Gets Taken Away, Try to Get it Back
  12. 12th Call - Note About How Much You Use Your Phone!
  13. 13th Call - Spam Mail Keeps Coming
  14. 14th Call - Scared About Illegal Remodelings

Volume 2

  1. 15th Call - A Cell Phone is Surprisingly Sturdy
  2. 16th Call -
  3. 17th Call - Call: Always Keep Your Cell With You
  4. 18th Call - Showercaps are Bad for a Cell
  5. 19th Call -
  6. 20th Call - Test Your Cell Occasionally
  7. 21st Call - Good Cellphones, Bad Cellphones
  8. 22nd Call - Don't Forget to Bring Your Cell When You Travel
  9. 23rd Call - First in the World! This is What Happens When You Dip a Cell in the Hot Springs!
  10. 24th Call - It's Not Always Good to Have a Small Cell
  11. 25th Call - Know the Sex of Your Cell
  12. 26th Call - Light-speed Mail Delivery
  13. 27th Call - Loved Over the Cellular Call
  14. 28th Call - Turn Your Cell off Before You Tell Someone That You Love Them
  15. 29th Call -

Volume 3

  1. 30th Call - Please do not allow your cell phone to jump out of line
  2. 31th Call - Please do not bring your cell phone with you to a waterfall
  3. 32th Call - Please bring cell phones for your important family members
  4. Call #33: Please refrain from feeding your cell phone
  5. Call #34: Perhaps this is the way to buy a cell phone.
  6. Call #35: This is not cell phone.
  7. Call #36: Does a cell phone need a name?
  8. Call #37: Please take notice when you using a PHS
  9. Call #38: No matter how cute the PHS is, you must teach it properly.
  10. Call #39: If a cell phone and PHS start to fight, something amazing will happen.
  11. Call #40: No Matter How Many Times You Change It, the Pain in Not Eraseable.
  12. Call #41: Please note! Cell phones and bodies shouldn't be overused.
  13. Call #42: Ring tones and sudden realizations all come suddenly.
  14. Call #43: The Heart Is More Complex Than Even The Most Sophisticated Robot.
  15. Call #44: Full Reception Of Misfortunes
  16. Call #45: The Path To Cell Phone Happiness
  17. Extra. Nano To Issho 070

Volume 4

  1. Call #46: Destiny, Message Ninja
  2. Call #47: Cell Phone Grades, First Report!
  3. Call #48: Are There Cell Phone Delinquents Too?
  4. Call #49: Don't Think, Feeeeeeeeel.
  5. Call #50: Everyone's White Christmas
  6. Call #51: The World's First! A Cellphone That Changes Personality?
  7. Call #52: Pushing It To The Other Person
  8. Call #53: It's Not A New Model... It's A Baby Model?
  9. Call #54: A Chaotic New Year!
  10. Call #55: Cell Phone Baby, Cell Phone Adult
  11. Call #56: Yesterday's Secret
  12. Call #57: Successor And Successing Phone
  13. Call #58: Something Even The Newest Model Doesn't Know
  14. Call #59: Sorry, Thank You...
  15. Last Call: Forever 090 Eko To Issho

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