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October 31

Nude [C] by Noriko Kanou

Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Smut
1 Volumes, 5 Chapters, 200 Pages
1. Nude
Natsuki is getting ready to graduate, and she wants her final art project to be Tsuji, fellow art student and crush of three years. Will she be able to complete it?
2. Hold me in the Summer
Nagisa's summer vacation seems like it will be uneventful, except she keeps running into the handsome Yuuji. Can this be a summer romance, or maybe something more?
3. Christmas Passion
Miyako is constantly being sexually harassed by Atsushi. He interrupts when she's being confessed to and is always touching her. But Miyako can't forgive him for hurting her years before.
4. Red Hot Blizzard
Kazuno's sister drags her along on a skiing retreat. Her sister's boyfriend also brings his brother, Aoi. The two get closer through mishaps, but is this meeting more than a coincidence?
5. Valentine Ecstasy
Madoka has been having sexy dreams of Akashi, probably because he's always teasing her! He has so many girls around him, she won't even give him obligatory chocolate. Can Akashi change her mind?
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October 30

Koko ni Iru Suiren [C] by Daisuke Moriyama

Koko ni Iru Suiren
aka: Koko niiru Sui-ren, Moriyama Daisuke Tanpenshu, Moriyama Daisuke's Short Story Collection
Action, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Gender Bender, School Life, Sci-fi, Shounen, Supernatural
1 Volumes, 4 Chapters, 139 Pages
A collection of three separate stories.
1. Sui-Ren is Here.
2. Alice in Cyberland.
3. Mother's Guardian.
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October 29

Ue Kara Kataomoi [C] by Makino

Ue Kara Kataomoi
aka: Secret Unrequited Love
Romance, School Life, Shoujo
1 Volumes, 4 Chapters, 184 Pages
Aya accidentally found out who the cool guy, Nikaidou's unrequited love is. In exchange for keeping quiet, Nikaidou will follow any orders given.
"If you don't want your secret revealed... listen to my orders."
Venture into the obstinate girl and a cool guy's secret relationship and 3 other oneshots in the book.
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October 28

Rash!! [C] by Tsukasa Hojo

Action, Comedy, Shounen
2 Volumes, 16 Chapters, 437 Pages
Asaka, the prison's nurse, is leaving her post to her gorgeous granddaughter Yuki, who will bring a lot of troubles and chaos in the life of the people around her, starting with detective Tatsumi, her childhood friend and now her neighbor.
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October 27

Ginzatoushi to Kuro no Yousei [C] by Miri Mikawa, Alto Yukimura

Ginzatoushi to Kuro no Yousei
aka: Sugar Apple Fairytale, Sugar Apple Fairy Tale, The Silver Sugar Craftswoman and the Black Fairy
Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo
2 Volumes, 11 Chapters, 345 Pages
In The Kingdom of Highland, a country where fairies are slaves of the humans, Ann Halford, a Candy Craftswoman, decides to purchase one in order to arrive the once-yearly Candy Fair to achieve the title of Silver Sugar Master.
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October 26

New chapters

October 25
October 24

New chapters

Kokoro wo Hadaka ni Shite [C] by Mayu Shinjo

Kokoro wo Hadaka ni Shite
aka: Mayu-tan no Tokimeki Note #3 - Kokoro wo Hadaka ni Shite, A Vampire at My Neck, Bare the Heart - Mayu-tan's Throbbing Note #3, Dakishimete Tokashite, Examine Me Gently, Hold Me, Melt Me, Kubisuji ni Banpaia, Kubisuji ni Vampire, Yasashiku Mitene
Drama, Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Smut
1 Volumes, 5 Chapters, 196 Pages
1. Bare the Heart (Kokoro wo Hadakani Shite)
Mina is a high school freshman with a crush on her math teacher...who also happens to be her cousin Yukiya! Mina has always been very precious to Yukiya, and at times it seems like he can see straight through to her heart, but can he ever see her as a woman and not just his cute little cousin? How long can Mina's flirtations go unnoticed by Yukiya (or by the sadistic and lascivious chemistry teacher, for that matter)?
2. A Vampire at My Neck (Kubisuji ni Banpaia)
Be careful when you go groping in the dark... you might just find a vampire! That's what happens to Hitomi. Now she's attracted to Kairi despite what he is. Or is it because of what he is? Kairi has a powerful charm... but is he too charming? Dangerously charming?
3. Hold Me, Melt Me (Dakishimete Tokashite)
Ryou is a high school sprinter who's racing for a different kind of goal--his pretty track manager, Airi! He says he wants chocolate from her on Valentine's Day, that a delicious metaphor for something sweeter? Whatever the case, it melts in the mouth!
4. Examine Me Gently (Yasashiku Mitene)
Sanae just had her appendix removed. But while she waits in post-op for her surgery wound to heal, she starts to develop another malady--love sickness! And her handsome new attending physician, Dr. Touya, is the cause! What can cure Sanae's ailment? ...A sponge bath, maybe?
Omake. If you have ever wondered why Shinjo Mayu's female characters have such big breasts and why her heroines seem so young...then you must read this omake! It is a great insight into the mind of Shinjo Mayu!
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October 23
Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo - Vanpaia Densetsu Satsujin Jiken
aka: Kindaichi Case Files - Legendary Vampire Murders
Mystery, Shounen, Supernatural
1 Volumes, 8 Chapters, 222 Pages
Kindaichi Hajime returns from his biking trip around Japan to meet Inspector Kenmochi and childhood friend Nanase Miyuki at the themed inn "Ruins." What awaits them is a vampire legend that comes to life in the form of a brutal serial murder...
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October 22

New chapters

Traveling Girl [C] by Momo Aoyama

Traveling Girl
aka: Basketball Crush, Travelling Girl
Romance, Shoujo, Sports
1 Volumes, 7 Chapters, 216 Pages
Before the start of high school Sakamoto Maki meets Homare-senpai and falls in love at first sight. When he find out she will playing basketball at the same school, he becomes cold and tells her not to talk to him. Kouta of the newspaper club then informs her the boys and girls basketball teams hate each other and are forbidden from dating one another! In a hasty move, Maki confesses her feelings anyway and gets ignored. Just as she's about to give up, Homare announces to the two teams that they are dating?!
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October 21

Kamen Teacher [C] by Tohru Fujisawa

Kamen Teacher
aka: Kamen Sensei, Masked Teacher
Action, Comedy, Ecchi, School Life, Seinen
4 Volumes, 39 Chapters, 852 Pages
This man's name is Gota Araki. Today he begins working as a teacher at Kyokuran High School in the city of Tachibana. His hobbies are fitness and clipping pictures from adult magazines. But another man has been sent to teach at this high school and that man's name is...
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October 20

New chapters

Himikoi [C] by Robiko

aka: Himi Koi, Secret Love
Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice of Life
2 Volumes, 7 Chapters, 402 Pages
Story 1. Himikoi (also included in Rabu Kare - Gokujou Men Dokuhon!)
What if the secret she could never tell was revealed, just before her high school graduation? To be able to face her feelings for Yoshii, whom she has a crush on, the two of them begin a secret game in their secret place. With the last day of school impending, what will be the outcome to her love...?
Story 2. During a Stormy Night
After loosing her cellphone, Nao is only hoping that someone nice enough would pick it up, but much to her surprise, the person who finds it is the guy from the video store near her house. Too shy to go and reveal herself, she starts communicating with him solely over the phone.
Story 3. The Glass-bead Bridge
According to the old legend, if you dig out a glass-bead from the famous glass-bead bridge, your love wish will come true. That's exactly what Niina is trying to do during the cold winter time. Every night going to the glass-bead bridge and slowly digging, she eventually gets spotted by her old middle school classmate. Not promising to even meet up once, they still keep seeing each other every night by the glass-bead bridge. Will Niina's wish come true?
Story 4. The Red Turtle's Dream
"I like Sensei." Riku is loving him one-sidedly, but Sensei, who is very self-centered, doesn't even try to accept others. It is only during the short time while she's looking after his pet turtle, Kamekichi, that she feels closer to him, but Sensei's emptiness can't be filled with anything. She wishes for him to find happiness, even though she knows she can never be the one to fulfil it.
Story 5. A Perfect Day for a Picnic
A broken family can only find comfort in a family that went through the same problems. Years pass and people grow old. Some grow into wiser adults, some into young adults, and some into teenagers; teenagers that become interested in love and feelings. Their nervousness and awkwardness can lead to an uncomfortable situation, one that may make them regret what they did. Are love and feelings stronger than family bonds?
Story 6. The Hideout of Those Two
Thanks to her constant bluffing, Chi always spends her days on her own. Her only solace is the secret hideout from her childhood where a kind and protective Nii-chan used to live leaving her with a key and a promise. Will he really come back and when he does, what will change for Chi?
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October 19
October 18
October 17

Fukigen na Aibu [C] by Miyuki Kitagawa

Fukigen na Aibu
aka: Sullen Caress
Comedy, Drama, Mature, Romance, Smut, Shoujo
1 Volumes, 4 Chapters, 197 Pages
Miori is always fighting with her boyfriend, a middle-school teacher, about her job as a hostess. After one such argument Miori goes out and ties one on and afterwards meets a young man who lends an ear and a shoulder... But then later on, she discovers something quite unexpected...
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