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April 20
April 19
April 18

Get Love!! [C] by Go Ikeyamada

Get Love!!
aka: Get Goal!!, Get Love!! Field no Oujisama, Get Love!! Field Prince, Get Love!! Soccer Prince
Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Smut, Sports
7 Volumes, 38 Chapters, 1358 Pages
Sagara Yuki is a high school student who's shorter than all the other guys in his class. Moriyama Miki is the girl who admires him despite his small stature. Follow the hijinks and the romance between Sagara and Moriyama as they become closer and conquer the obstacles to their love! Was soccer mentioned?
Volume 1 is a prequel to the actual series which begins in Volume 2.
Contains the following short stories:
I Want to Protect You (Volume 1) - Yuka is in love with her childhood friend, Haruki. The problem is that Haruki has a peculiar body condition - when people get near him, he gets attacked because of his pheromones. What will happen when they start dating?
Valentine Nanka Kowakunai!? (Volume 4) - Moe-chan plans to give Kyou-kun her homemade chocolate, but will she be able to when the rest of the male student population are after it too?
Mousou Otome (The Delusional Virgin) (Volume 6) - High school girl Chihiro is, in fact, a shoujo manga author! She bases her manga on her wild ideas with her first boyfriend, Izumi-kun, but she's keeping it a secret from him...?
(1st oneshot in Megane - Hazushitemo Ii desu ka?)
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April 17

New chapters

Honoo no Nobunaga - Sengoku Gaiden [C] by Kazuhiko Shimamoto

Honoo no Nobunaga - Sengoku Gaiden
aka: Blazing Nobunaga
Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Shounen
1 Volumes, 9 Chapters, 199 Pages
A short overview of the life of Oda Nobunaga, as told from the perspective of a ninja fighting other time-travelling ninjas!
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April 16

New chapters

Hajimari no Natsu [C] by Ruka Ichinose

Hajimari no Natsu
aka: Beginning of Summer
Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice of Life
1 Volumes, 5 Chapters, 181 Pages
Shinji, Manabu and Chinatsu are neighbor and childhood friends. Because they hide their thoughts from each other, their feelings became lock inside their heart. At that time, Manabu informed the other about "those things". He could trust his friends forever, but what will happen when they grown up and start to change the way they feel about it...?
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April 15

New chapters

The Idolm@ster 2: Colorful Days [C] by Bandai Namco Games, Shu

The Idolm@ster 2: Colorful Days
aka: Idolmaster 2: Colorful Days
3 Volumes, 23 Chapters, 540 Pages
Without a Producer, the idols at 765 Pro have it tough.
However, they wouldn't be 765 Pro idols if they didn't work hard and do their very best nonetheless.
A gag manga based on THE iDOLM@STER 2.
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April 14

Fated To Love You [C] by Hai Cheng, Ying Yan, Baron Chen, Bianca Bai, Chen Qiao En, Ethan Ruan

Fated To Love You
aka: Ming Zhong Zhu Ding Wo Ai Ni
Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Manhua
3 Volumes, 15 Chapters, 429 Pages
A manhua based on the Taiwanese drama of the same name:
A really unfashionable working class girl, Chen Xin Yi, desires to tie down her handsome boyfriend to be with her. Due to certain reasons, her boyfriend gets her to go on a love cruise and she started to ponder how to lose her virginity and tie down her boyfriend. Xin Yi ended up taking cold medicine which made her drowsy and caused her to go into Ji Cun Xi's room. Cun Xi is the sole male heir to his family's company and has been in love with his girlfriend, Anna, for a long time. He planned to propose to Anna on the boat, but she didn't turn up. An island owner added drugs into Cun Xi's drink, and Cun Xi became disoriented and returned to his room. Xin Yi and Cun Xi end up having a one night stand. Xin Yi later finds out that she's pregnant, and Cun Xi's grandmother forces them to get married. Will a couple forced to marry for the sake of their unborn child find love with each other?
Thanks Esthetique for these releases.
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April 13
April 12
April 11

Moe Kare!! [C] by Go Ikeyamada

Moe Kare!!
aka: Burning Love!!, Double Prince!!, Moe Boyfriend!!, Moe Kareshi!!
Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Smut
7 Volumes, 38 Chapters, 1273 Pages
Wakamiya Hikaru, an otaku, wants a boy who will protect her. One day, she gets kissed by a beautiful, perverted boy whom she calls the "Perverted Prince." Later on, she meets a guy who looks exactly like him, but their eyes are different. What's happening?! A manga full of twists and turns that will surely leave you wanting more!
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April 10

Porte Tricolore [C] by Seri Minase

Porte Tricolore
Fantasy, Gender Bender, Seinen
1 Volumes, 5 Chapters, 111 Pages
Rio, Noa and Rei Olmsted are brothers living on Olmsted Island who were raised as girls. They live in a world where only traps can use magic, and the brothers are about to start using it themselves.
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New chapters

April 09

Hot Road [C] by Taku Tsumugi

Hot Road
Drama, Psychological, Romance, Shoujo
4 Volumes, 18 Chapters, 872 Pages
Kazuki has always felt a barrier between her and her mother because her father, who died when she was still a child, was someone her mother hated; she wasn't a child born out of love. One day, Kazuki is persuaded by a friend to meet Hiroko-san, the girlfriend of the head of the motorcycle gang "NIGHTS". And there, she meets Haruyama...
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April 08
15: Meisetsu Kougyou Koukou Rugby Bu
aka: Fifteen: Meisetsu Industrial High School Rugby Football Club
School Life, Shounen, Sports
4 Volumes, 17 Chapters, 699 Pages
Ever since he was little, Akira wanted to be a rugby player. But since he lived on a tiny island with no other children, it was very difficult for him to learn how to play. In hopes of becoming useful to a rugby team, he practiced the one thing he could do by himself, kicking. Now Akira is heading to high school, and he's going to try to make his dreams of playing rugby and having friends come true!
Thanks Bakana Haven and acme
April 07

Kare wa Tsumetai Furi o Shite [C] by Yukimo Hoshimori

Kare wa Tsumetai Furi o Shite
Romance, School Life, Shoujo
1 Volumes, 6 Chapters, 217 Pages
This is about a shining, pretty girl and a start of a wonderful love story.
For the campaign fund, Kaho starts working part time at a family restaurant. Because of her nervousness, she accidentally injured her workmate, Shin, who is a handsome university student. As a result, she has to work with him on a same shift everyday. His cold attitude scares Kaho, but there is actually a gentle and considerate side of him!
Extra Story 1: Sawacha Dame!
Momo hates boys, the idea of being touched by them disgusts her. One day, the reason for her hatred and trauma returns.
Extra Story 2: 17cm Saki no Kata Omoi
Sarishima has always loved Sho, despite the fact that Sho is always being mocked for being short.
Extra Story 3: Tsumetaku Shinai De
Maki Kurumi wants to grow up catch up to her childhood friend, Sou-chan, who just happens to be her teacher.