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February 27

Kagome Kagome [C] by Aoi Ikebe

Kagome Kagome
Historical, Josei, Slice of Life
1 Volumes, 11 Chapters, 237 Pages
This quiet, subtle drama shows the interactions between the various nuns and apprentices, and nearby townsfolk, in a nunnery in late 18th-century France.
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February 26

Ashizuri Suizokukan [C] by panpanya

Ashizuri Suizokukan
aka: Ashizuri Aquarium
Adventure, Slice of Life, Supernatural
1 Volumes, 14 Chapters, 326 Pages
Nominated for the 7th annual Manga Taishou Award.
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February 25

New chapters

Virgin Blood - Hiiro no Bansan [C] by Miko Mitsuki

Virgin Blood - Hiiro no Bansan
Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural
1 Volumes, 6 Chapters, 206 Pages
My papa isn't my real papa. His real form is a vampire. He raised me up since my parents passed away. For the moment when he could eat me...
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February 24

W-change!! [C] by Hiro Matsuba

Action, Romance, School Life, Shounen
6 Volumes, 33 Chapters, 1139 Pages
High-school student Kisaragi Maki has one dream: to be a normal wife. She's part of a Yakuza family known as Group Kisaragi and her father is the third generation of the group - and he wants Maki to be the fourth generation! But Maki isn't a "normal high school student". She has a split personality which gets her into all sorts of trouble. Can Maki achieve her dream of being a "normal wife"?
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February 23

New chapters

Ai ga Areba Ii no Da [C] by Ryou Ikuemi

Ai ga Areba Ii no Da
aka: Ai ga Areba Ii Noda, All You Need is Love, It's Ok if There Is Love
Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life
2 Volumes, 8 Chapters, 437 Pages
Mizutani Yoshiki is a 21 year old working as an assistant director for TV shows. His friends from back in high school are all jealous because they think that he's able to rub elbows with celebrities but in reality, he's so far down the TV industry hierarchy that he's more the resident lap dog relegated to doing everyone else's dirty work.
One day, he gets assigned to help out with filming for the latest "it" drama. The lead female actress turns out to be none other than Fujiidera Mitsuko, the girl he had a crush on back in high school who's now become one of the hottest rising stars in the acting world.
As he quickly finds out though, she's nothing like the shy, quiet girl he knew from back in high school. What happened to her for her to have changed so much?
Includes another story - My dear BF
Ever since the car accident that ended her dreams of becoming a short track athlete, Yumi's been struggling to pick up the pieces and move on. One day, a mysterious boy who calls himself "Jiro" crashes into her in the school hallway. They quickly build up a close friendship---but there's something strange about him that she just can't put her finger on. Who is he really?
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February 22

New chapters

February 21
February 20

Sora ni Taiyou ga Aru Kagiri [C] by Miki Aihara

Sora ni Taiyou ga Aru Kagiri
aka: As Long As The Sun Shines In The Sky, Sora Ni Taiyou Ga Arukagiri
Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Smut
3 Volumes, 13 Chapters, 591 Pages
Rieko Edogawa is a second year student at East Edogawa Academy - a private school. She is full of energy and courage, and she is so popular that there is not a soul in her town or school that doesn't know her. But Rieko's one weakness is Teppei Sakamiya, her childhood friend. She has liked him for a long time, but Teppei can only see her as a good friend. Meanwhile... Naoto Akutsu, a transfer student, appears...
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February 19

Hoshi no Ponko to Toufuya Reiko [C] by Shinji Ohara, Takezaki Tony

Hoshi no Ponko to Toufuya Reiko
aka: Ponko of the Stars and Reiko of the Tofu Shop
Comedy, Drama, Horror, Sci-fi, Seinen, Slice of Life, Supernatural
1 Volumes, 3 Chapters, 170 Pages
Reiko finds a starving mysterious animal that looks like a cat with wings. To the girl's surprise this cute animal names itself a space salesman that would sell advanced technology to humans for just a bit of hahise, which is abundant on Earth. But what is hahise? Would you pay it for a machine that can copy anything?
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February 18

Sensei, Sotsugyou [C] by Chika Shiina

Sensei, Sotsugyou
Romance, Shoujo
1 Volumes, 4 Chapters, 196 Pages
Collection of oneshots:
1. Sensei, Sotsugyou
Soudo sensei has been confessed by a popular third year student. But they're student and teacher, such romance is forbidden, even after he graduates...
2. Sensei, me and Kento-kun
Kato Ichika is in love- with Takastuski sensei! She is so "in love" to the point she made an alias in order to "befriend" him on twitter, but she has no face to face connection with him. When she foolishly ran into a door accidentally caused by a certain kouhai called Kento-kun, she finally has a link to her sensei. Will Ichika be able to successfully capture sense's heart, or will her heart belong to someone else?
3. Koi ni Ochita Sagishi-kun
4. Ao no Binetsu extra edition side: Yoshioka
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February 17

Shurabara! [C] by Haiya Kishi, Masahito Watari

aka: Shura Bara!, Shuraba Lovers!
Comedy, Harem, Romance, School Life, Shounen
2 Volumes, 11 Chapters, 323 Pages
Yagimoto Kazuhiro is a high-school boy known for setting couples up, but in reality, he just wants to get a girlfriend himself. One day, a girls asks him to be her boyfriend...but its not what he thinks it is.
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February 16

Candy [C] by Qing Hui Lin

aka: Donut In The Candy Jar, Star Candy, Star Fruit Candy, Sweet As Candy
Comedy, Romance, Shoujo, Manhua
2 Volumes, 10 Chapters, 345 Pages
She's a girl who's turning 17 - great, right? Well, THINK AGAIN! Out of the blue, her parents leave her to go on a vacation trip around the world, but... they did leave her one million dollars to spend! Discover this charming girl's journey into adulthood through this hilarious manhua.
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February 15

New chapters

February 14
February 13